Clockwork Carniville


Aerial Busking Show

45 - 50 mins

Six performers

A collaboration by core company members from the Loons Circus Theatre Co., Clockwork Carniville combines the multiple talents of acrobats, actors, a singer, musicians a mentalist and all round skilled circus entertainers. 

The inhabitants of Carniville are imbued with powers obtained from the Dr’s mystical elixir, giving them strength, flexibility, coordination and magical powers.

The audience is invited to sit back and watch as this steam punk inspired production takes off, this is a busking show like no other.  Focussing on the skills these performers have to offer, and using theatrical and layering techniques to provide action packed ensemble routines, the audiences come back again and again for fear of missing any of the action.

* A day and night version have been devised, with the main point of difference being the fiery finale for the evening show.

** The rigs, tent and all props are owned by the company and are transportable (within reason :)

Get in touch to find out if this show will fit into your festival or event.

Featured skills include juggling, hula hooping, double trapeze, double (and trio) silk, syncro silks and web, aerial hoop and bike, straps, duo and trio acro-balance, dance, roller skating, singing, hat and cane and even a grand illusion done in a way you will have never seen before. 

The night show has the addition of fire: fans, staff, breathing, eating, poi, juggling, adagio and angle-grinding.

Performers are:

Pascal Ackermann

Skye Broberg

Sophie Ewert

David Ladderman

Jola and Nele Siezen (The Twisty Twinz)


A full (low res) version of the night show is available to watch or download via Vimeo

For more images from the show visit the gallery.