Acts are usually between 5 - 7 minutes long, but vary depending on whether volunteer interaction is desired, or the style in which it is performed. 

Let me know what you want.

  1. Aerial Silk (Tissu)

  2. Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

Aerial acts are spectacular and acrobatic.  A display of strength, agility and flexibility combined with beauty and grace.  This kind of performance really provides the ‘wow factor’.


Ceiling height of minimum 5m with

a single fixed point, or beam that

is able to hold up to 700kg.

Specialist Skills:

  1. -Hula Hoops

  2. -Contortion

  3. -Aerial Silk (Tissu)

  4. -Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

  5. -Sideshow acts

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Hula Hoops




Guinness World Records


Other Recommended local (NZ) Performers:

Listed with a few of their specialities.


Hula hoops are fun, sexy objects of manipulation that can be performed in a variety of styles.  Usually done in a burlesque or ‘trad’ circus style, this is always a crowd pleaser.


Minimum floor space of 3m x 2m and (height of 2.6m minimum ideally).

Usually done in a comedic style, this act always surprises.  With the ability to go through tennis racquets in a number of different ways that will make your mind boggle.

Can be done as a cabaret, comedic, street styled, burlesque or fetish act, with or without the box.


Floor space of 2m x 2m (or less even), but better on a raised area or table.

  1. Block-head

  2. Fire eating

  3. Inappropriate Clown (not for kids)

  4. Contortion Box (see Contortion)

Block-head act is a traditional side-show ‘freak’ act usually involving nails and a hammer.  You can use your imagination for the rest.  Comedic act.

Kinky the inappropriate Clown is an adults only clown who performs her own style of magic acts such as the disappearing hanky or foam balls and balloon swallow to name a few.  Very cheeky.  Some nudity.


Fire is used in a daring fashion, moved over the body as gently as you would use as feather to caress the limbs. 

Flaming torches are held between the teeth and eaten like a tasty morsel. 

* Best done outdoors or in well ventilated room with high ceiling.

Hula Hoops




Street Circus

Solo Show lasts approx. 40 minutes including set up.

Performing circus and burlesque acts in her home theatre in Lyttelton was what Skye did for a living, until she found that theatre in ruins. 

Skye is now bringing her special blend of acrobatics, contortion and hula hoops to the street in an effort to both keep herself employed, and brighten up your day with her own brand of street circus.

Street / Busking Circle Shows

2 Person, 40 minute (approx) circle show

  1. Whips, Hula Hoops, Contortion, Acro-balance

Pascal Ackermann and Skye Broberg are two Lyttelton based Guinness World Record holding acrobats bringing you a blend of comedy, dance and circus to the street. 

Vladimir and Binka are nomadic circus artists rumored to have Slavic roots. Their circus show is renown for acrobatic displays of strength, skill and flexibility with flamboyant flair, but travelling abroad has meant leaving behind performing animals who are integral to their show.  With their circus incomplete they will resort to other means to ensure the show goes on!


Can be adapted to suit indoor spaces as required, but traditionally done outside as a busking circle show, suitable for festivals and outdoor events.

See more pics of this act.

Box of Tricks

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