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Skye Broberg is a five time Guinness World Record Holder in Contortion and has travelled around the globe performing on television, street and stage.

A graduate of CPIT’s Circo-Arts program and currently a core member of the Loons Circus Theatre Company based in Lyttelton, New Zealand, ‘The Loons’ has allowed her to further developed her acting and performance skills, but she still has her heart in Circus and Sideshow. 

A regular in the Word Buskers Festival in Christchurch for the past four years, Skye has performed as Spun Candy and Pinky in her solo shows, with her ‘brother’ Dick in Dick and Jane’s duo Streetshow, as Petunia Pink to co-host the Busker’s Comedy Club, Mistress Mercury Rose hostess of the Buskers Burlesque Tent, within Fuse Circus’s ‘Gravity and Other Myths’ and as part of the Privvy Council.

The Loons has also allowed her to develop acts and characters, mostly comical, including a blockhead act and a perverted clown.  Some are adults only such as fetish acts and those listed previously, but other’s are kid friendly, such as her street show and character in ‘Pinky’s Burlesque’. 

In 2008 Skye travelled to the UK and Scandinavia performing mostly on the streets, but also on stage at Glastonbury Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe to name a couple.  Since then she has been a representative for Guinness World Records travelling to China, Italy, Australia and the UK to perform and promote the 2011,  2012 and 2013 book.  With the Loons she has toured the UK and is touring throughout New Zealand with both ‘The Butler’ and ‘Hanussen’.

Currently Skye is a member of the Hagley Dance Company, based in Christchurch, NZ.

Skye Broberg

Sky-Circus is both Skye Broberg, and those that she knows who are professional and reputable performers. 

The Loons Circus Company has a strong group of full-time entertainers, and via Fuse Circus and the busking network Skye can get together a group to suit your events needs. 

Whether you want stand-alone acts, roving characters, fire-breathers, stilt-walkers, aerial acrobats or a private cabaret, Skye knows who will suit, and where to find them.  Who is Skye Broberg, well, read on....


Above Left: Hoops are a speciality.

Left: Brother and Sister duo ‘Dick and Jane’ - a circus themed street show that toured NZ and the UK

Images: Passing through her ring; Mistress Mercury Rose hostess of the World Buskers Burlesque Tent 2011; button from TVNZ website.

Specialist Skills:

  1. -Hula Hoops

  2. -Contortion

  3. -Aerial Silk (Tissu)

  4. -Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

  5. -Sideshow acts

* Please refer to Acts page for details.

  1. *Check out my Bio for performance experience.

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TVNZ - NZ Smashes Guinness World Records

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